About Us

Jet Ski Deals is an online Jet Ski Brokerage system.

As it became obvious that people were buying Cars, Homes and Finance in a more open market we realised how good it would be for our sport if people could access more competitive pricing.

We have arrangements with Jet Ski Dealers all around Australia to deliver your new Jet Ski at the best price. Simply let us know what your after, or ask us for some feedback based on your plans and we’ll bring you your No Obligation price based on what we can find for you.

Because we are able to move a higher volume than an individual buyer our deals are typically a better price for a new Ski and an easier deal with your trade in.

Your new Jet Ski will be delivered from the winning dealer with everything you need to know about getting started in our wonderful sport. This is usually the next day from ordering the Ski. If the Ski is being sent from another city its usually a 4 working day turnaround to delivery. For orders from other countries it will depend on your location however most new Jet Skis will arrive within 21 days.

Due to various industry pressures, Dealers are always looking to move more numbers. Jet Ski Deals receives a small commission from the Dealers for providing this service but will usually be far less expensive than you will be able to negotiate for yourself simply due to numbers.

In addition to friendly service and genuine experienced advice we offer our customers a great social and adventure riding club, racing and performance advice, discounts on the sports best clean and care products and 7 day a week availability.

Contact us for your no obligation quote and professional, experienced advice. Why pay retail!



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